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My Artist's Statement

Keep scrolling to better understand the method behind my madness.

"My ambition as a literary & visual storyteller...

is to bring to life art-house depictions of what many refuse to see: the primal mess of igniting the shadow-self, artistic renditions of religious fears & sins and the toll of social isolation. The epistemology of darkness in my work will always be contrasted by moral underpinnings as my intentions are, in the end, to expose people to the horrors of reality & their consciousness to better combat their malevolent impulses (and the impulses of others). I'll present the beauty of the Gothic and give voice to unusual individuals often rejected, and sometimes rightfully so, by society. Examples: the mentally ill, people with deformities, fallen angels, mythical creatures like the Grim Reaper or Vampires, creative geniuses, carnies... all unusual souls welcome! I adore films that utilize monochrome such as The Eyes of My Mother & A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night as well as piercing stylistic colors such as The Love Witch & Midsommar. It's my belief that every film still should be such a visceral, visual masterpiece that it could be framed into artwork."

- Laurel Elizabeth Hasara

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