The Nobodies

In 1997's Bible Belt comes an unusual tale of society's least desirable...

A woman plagued by the lasting effects of a disturbing premonition. A man seeking redemption after two decades of street gang affiliation. A priest gifting religious counsel to a community in moral decline. Six neglected youths making their get-a-way in an infamous Dodge van. How does it all come together in the unceasing chaos of poverty?

Set to release on March 22nd, 2021


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& Preparation 

My initial intentions were to intertwine the following elements into one unconventionally structured storyline.

- a continuously unsettling atmosphere

- a lesser known 90's true crime case

- the romance between a very undesirable male (an ex-gang member) and female (a single mother with two children from two different men) 

- theological ruminating & how the broken flock to religious temples in troves

- mental illness linked to poverty

- vivid horror imageries

I interviewed (and audio recorded) 5 priests from different sects of Christianity from in my local Maryland area as part of my professional research from September-December 2019.

The stages of illustration by Xavier Ortiz

& the storyboard reference images.

My short film trailer for "The Nobodies."