Lovella (2022)     

Written age 19-22

Till Dusk Do We Honeymoon 

Written age 18-19

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Good Afternoon, Miss

Written age 17

Shades of Defiance

Written age 16

*Dark N' Stormy

Written age 16

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Written age 18

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*A Gothic Tale

Written age 20-23

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Written age 20


Phantom of the Pulpit

Written age 17


Strangers at Bay

Written age 17-18

*Astris* means the script is either unavailable or under construction

Lovella (2023)

Currently in development...

Director: Bat-Sheva Guez

Producer: Lauren Lloyd

Writer: Laurel Elizabeth Hasara



An intense college love affair between Lovella Ludvik, an artistic loner fascinated by the occult, and Alejandro Alvarez, a callous captain of the rugby team, turns from obsession to dark experimentation - before derailing into vengeful disarray.

A Gothic Tale

A legion of fallen angels discover the dismembered corpse of a mortal female sacrifice; a direct descendent of Jesus Christ. Sewing her together, they grant her a subhuman “second-life,” fooling her now impaired, impressionable mind into believing she’s a humble servant fated to tend to the legion’s grounds and groom the animal familiars while regaining her physical and mental agility to partake in the rituals of their abominable creed.


Controlled by a criminal entity in the late 1920's after an indoctrinated kidnapping as a child, an autistic debutante returns home from university for summer vacation to find her obsession with criminality stunted upon the arrival of an foreign groundskeeper on her family's wealthy estate.