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To request to read any of my screenplays, please contact me directly as they are not available in the public domain. 


An artistic loner and the pompous captain of the rugby team get entangled in an intense infatuation. What begins as obsession drifts into dark experimentation before derailing into vengeful destruction; a nightmare that leaves their quaint college campus reeling for answers.


Based on true events....

Producer: Lauren Lloyd

Director: Bat-Sheva Guez

Starring: Rain Spencer


Lovella (2023)

Property of House of Hasara

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Page count: #112

A Gothic Tale

A legion of fallen angels discover the dismembered corpse of a mortal female sacrifice; a descendent of Jesus Christ. Sewing her together, they grant her a perverse "second-life," fooling her now impaired, impressionable mind into believing she's a humble servant fated to tend to the legion's grounds and groom the animal familiars while regaining her physical agility to (unknowingly) partake in the rituals of their abominable creed.

Page Count: #125

Genre: psychological horror

Strangers At Bay

A deep-dive into the loneliness of an American suburb. A family of three: a widower and his two sons, each family member leading separate lives despite sharing a quiet dinner table each night. The youngest son, an aspiring documentarian, interviews high school seniors where he’s learns of a local urban legend about an immortal couple who lives in the neighboring sleepy woods and takes in unloved children - with a  pedophilic twist. He sets out into the woods with his amateur camera equipment to find out the truth for himself

Page Count: #103

Genre: psychological drama


Controlled by a criminal entity in the late 1920's after an indoctrinated kidnapping as a child, ingenious debutante, Fawn Breckinridge, returns home from university for summer vacation to find her obsession with criminality stunted upon the arrival of a foreign groundskeeper on her family’s wealthy estate

Page Count: #118

Genre: psychological drama

Age: 20

Age: 17

Age: 20


 Inspired by the genocidal history of Poveglia Island, Italy, a bestial plague doctor marries a young woman from a local Italian village where they then start their lives together in the island’s only decrepit castle. Honeymoon bliss turns into a nightmarish hellscape as horrifying truths reveal themselves to the woman once she wanders into the island’s distant caves & waterways long after curfew. 

Page Count: #99

Genre: fantasy horror

Till Dusk Do We Honeymoon

Sadistic dominatrix, Royce, is hired by a wealthy autistic engineer to act out his scripted Shakespearian fantasy on his 16 acre estate - repetitive, meticulous beatings paired with the reciting of poetic prose - until the final act goes off script to Royce’s misfortune. Stockholm Syndrome, a corrupt massage parlor, chases on horseback, a sex-ring and an elaborately orchestrated kidnapping. How far will one go to live out their most elborate sexual fantasy?

Page Count: #119

Genre: romance horror

Good Afternoon, Miss

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem “Because I could not stop for Death,” this Gothic minimalist story follows, June, a middle aged woman suffering from memory lapses found by a strange, malnourished coachman along a countryside backroad in the late 1890’s. The coachman kindly offers her a ride free of charge…

Page Count: #97

Genre: character drama

Age: 18

Age: 17

Age: 16

Shades of Defiance

A disobedient & emotionally broken orphan is court ordered to visit a semi-retired renowned psychotherapist once a week after caught hot-wiring cars; their power-struggles are soon exchanged for a cross-generational bond. (written at the age of 15 & heavily inspired by the film, Good Will Hunting).

Page Count: #101

Genre: character drama

Phantom of the Pulpit

 A newly ordained deacon takes in a homeless young woman who was found squatting in the church’s dilapidated gazebo. The slow rise of disturbing supernatural happenings in the rectory forces the deacon to confront his most sinful fantasies, the crescendo of activity reaching its dark height during the children’s Nutcracker recital on Christmas Eve (written between ages 16-17).

Page Count: #105

Genre: psychological horror

Age: 15

Age: 16

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